Modern process to simplify your closing

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Secure your closing documents, emails, personal information, and work with world-class escrow officers all in one place.

Stop playing phone tag
Traditional closings is outdated. Our modern platform cuts out countless calls and rescheduling to streamline the entire process.
Protect your money and privacy
For peace of mind on your most important transaction. Our technology has added security against phishing fraud and abuse.

Keep tabs on the deal
Get real-time updates anytime, anywhere on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet as you navigate the closing process.

Get immediate updates every step of the way

HomeLight Title
Documents and messages are digitally encrypted for your protection.
Review and submit closing documents in minutes.
Get instant notifications on what’s happening with your money.
Traditional Title
Lack of encrypted communications puts your sensitive documents at risk.
Waste hours reading the fine print on hundreds of pages of documents.
You’re in the dark for weeks waiting for updates from escrow officers.

How HomeLight Title works

One click gets you started

Open an order whenever you are ready and a dedicated escrow team will guide you from start to finish.

Real-time updates

Get 24/7 access to your team of closing professionals who prioritize customer service and will guide you from the start to finish.

Sign documents on the cloud

Receive, upload, and access all of your closing documents online without risk to your financial security.

Stay on top of expenses

Know what closing fees you have paid or will pay at the closing table.

Close on your house

Added trust and confidence in all parties involved smooths out the process so you can avoid roadblocks and close faster.

Need a seamless process for your home’s closing?

Learn more about HomeLight Settlement.

Message received! A HomeLight Escrow Advisor will reach out to confirm your details and connect with you.
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We couldn’t stand the old school standards and hassle of working with the big title companies. Real estate should be easy and transparent. It's bizarre that in today’s world the major players still use technology and service standards from the 1980’s. So, we decided to change the game. We're embracing technology to enhance the Title & Escrow industry so we can give it the perfect balance of speed, security, transparency, and client service. That's how our customers get the experience they're used to in other industries.

Drew Uher
CEO & Founder

You don't buy and sell a home every day, it's a momentous event! We understand this. We know our clients’ needs throughout the process and we communicate in a way that's easy for them. That's what sets HomeLight Title apart from the rest of the pack. Whether we close at a coffee shop or in our office, we are here to make this monumental experience professional, convenient, smooth and simple.

Calvin Shaw
Escrow Officer

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